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        Would you help a relative if they were a drug addict and lived on the streets?  Could you risk having an addict stay in your home if you already knew they’d stolen from family?  How many opportunities do you give somebody that has been in-and-out of prison?  Is there a point in which you stop trying to reunite a child with their parent?

         Call it a sixth sense, brother’s intuition, but it felt like I had one last chance to save my sister from a heroin addiction and over two decades of drug abuse.  Charly’s situation was so bleak that she was in-and-out of jail, warrants in four counties, sleeping in a boat in a random person’s backyard and gluing in her front tooth every morning from years of crystal meth abuse.  Having incinerated every family bridge and her friends blaming her for killing her boyfriend, I was the last person she could turn to which meant allowing a full blown addict live under my roof.  Should I throw my life into disarray, or turn your back on my little sister that was hanging onto life by a thread?

         Charly’s life was down to two options; go to jail or end up dead because she couldn’t stop using.  They say blood is thicker than water, so maybe I could make a difference.

         Little Sister Charly describes how a young person can make a few bad decisions and never recover even when loved ones are constantly throwing life preservers in their direction.  It illustrates that any positive intervention will never work because helping an addict must come from within.  It doesn’t matter how much give or how much you love someone, drug addicts will not only tear their lives apart, but ruin the lives of everyone around them.  Little Sister Charly is about family taking care of their own.  It tests the bond between a brother and a sister and the belief that there is always hope.

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